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‌This a follow-up to the talk I gave at the Detroit Salesforce user group. About why I am leaving my full-time job for about six months to study and write multiple Salesforce certifications.

The presentation I made at the Detroit Salesforce User group can be found at the Google slide link, but please keep in mind that this presentation has not been updated since Feb 18th, 2021. For the latest info, please read the following post. This page will be updated every few weeks. If you want to be notified, please signup by clicking here.


  • About Me
  • The economic argument to why I am taking time off from work to study
  • Why Salesforce Certifications
  • Various Salesforce Certifications
  • The correct way of studying for Salesforce Certifications
  • Studying for Salesforce Certifications Cheap
  • Tools I use to study.

About Me

‌Jay Janarthanan‌

  • 30 years as a Software developer
  • Almost nine years in Salesforce. 
  • Expertise in large codebase SF projects.
  • Last year I read over 1000 Salesforce resumes, interviewed about 200  and hired a few.
  • I have zero SF certification (I had a few and let it expire)
  • Co-organizer of Detroit Salesforce and Mulesoft user groups.

The economic argument to why I am taking time off from work to study

‌Each cert will take 80 to 160 hours of studying if you study correctly (See below on the proper way of learning), and I can’t do that when I am working 60 hour weeks.

‌If I pass all the SF certs, I set out to complete them. I will make the income I lost by not working.

Why am I teaching SF?

‌Starting soon, I will be spending 16 hours a week teaching SF (Admin, Dev, Vlocity) to a corporate client. I wanted to do this (other than it pays well) because it forces me to learn. I have to prepare the curriculum, create demos, answer student’s questions, etc. All this forces me to spend more time studying.

‌‌When I was employed, I had a bose to yell at me, but now I do not have that, and I know I lack the discipline to study (Every day I yell at my kid, but no one is yelling at me). Thus this teaching gig is a godsend.

Why Salesforce Certifications

‌If you are new to SF and want to learn to get into the Salesforce market, see the following video on why you should not spend time learning SF.

‌Now watch these videos and read more about how big the SF market is.

  • ‌Certifications allow you to learn Salesforce if you study correctly.
  • Salesforce Partners will love you.
  • ‌More and more RFPs require SF certifications.

Various Salesforce Certifications

‌Over time Salesforce has bought many companies, and certifications are not limited to the SF core products. Take a look at all the various certifications you can do.

The correct way of studying for Salesforce Certifications (or anything) 

  • Don’t Cheat.
  • ‌Don’t Memorize
  • Learning How to Learn
  • ‌Align your certifications to what you know now
  • ‌Do some projects. SF dev instances are free.
  • ‌Concentrate on Salesforce Skills in Demand now

Studying for Salesforce Certifications Cheap


Tools I use to study every day.

Rain Drop – Bookmark Manager

  • Mind Stone – Note-taking app that I use every day.
  • This may be my worst suggestion considering the environmental impact, but if you are the type of person who likes to print out documents and read them, look at Epson EcoTank ET-4760. While most color printers cost about 10 cents per page to print, this cost less than a cent.


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